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Just Say "No!" to Squirrels

  It's been quite the day of Huskies vs. Squirrels here. All ending very badly for the adorable furry rodents that stumbled out of a tree and into our Siberian Husky yard. Yes, while our sweet FiveSibes™ were just relaxing in the Indian Summer warmth on the deck, a sudden commotion accompanied by high pitch yelps could be heard echoing through the land... ...but let me first take you back to earlier in the day when the sun woke up, breaking through the day as the Sibes went outside to greet the morning...and a stray baby squirrel. Oh yes, I said baby. Alpha Queen Harley snatched it quick and no matter how we tried, we could not save that baby squirrel from her strong jaws, which chomped that little baby into a flat, non-breathing "toy." When we managed to get the body away from her, it was missing a part. Just then, we glanced up to see Harley, with the tail in her mouth, pause just a beat before swallowing it whole without batting a blue eye at us. I guess that's