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"Canine Cooking Corner" Highlights Healthy K9 Recipe

Harley is eager to try the recipe! Well, yes, it's Tuesday, which means it's time for the FiveSibes' "Canine Cooking Corner." However, this Husky household's kitchen is currently closed due to some renovations (which is making the Hu-Mom very, very happy!)  So, while we will not be featuring a FiveSibes cooking video, we would like to keep on the topic of recipes. Below is a recipe I saw from Andrew Lewis, author at , from his book Dog Food Secrets . Sounds yummy to us! I'm sure this will be a 5-paws-up recipe! Terrier Tuna, Egg & Cheese Supreme Ingredients                                              1 can flaked tuna in oil, undrained           2 eggs                                                    1 c. whole meal breadcrumbs 1/4 c. grated cheese Instructions:   Scramble eggs over low heat. Add tuna in oil and breadcrumbs and stir together. Melt cheese over mixture.   Serve cooled. Thanks, Andrew! "