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Cash is Waiting For You...

  "Wooo! My name is Cash...and I'm waiting for you! Aren't I cutie? If you love Siberian  Huskies, are familiar with our breed (yes, we can be tricky little Huskies), have time, love, and, energy to spare...I'm just the boy for you!" Just like "the man in black" Johnny Cash, which is who Cash was named after, he has a story to tell, too! Maybe there will be a song written about him! Now wouldn't that be cool...and if one of you wonderful folks would foster or adopt him, we can give his song a happy ending! And you can help...even if you can't foster or adopt Cash, you can share his story! And as our motto here at the FiveSibes has always been: A little about Cash...he's just a pup - about a year young - and would love a family of his own to play with and grow up with. He was rescued from the North Carolina heat, where he was chained up short, many times without food or water. His fur was matted, flea-infested, and burned but