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A Birthday Fond(ant)ly Remembered

  Flashback Photo ~ Gibson & Hu-Mom ~ September 2015   Tomorrow is my birthday, and this one from five years ago always springs to mind. What a birthday this was! At the time, I had been on a special diet for my health and feeling quite grumpy because my acupuncturist had me on a detoxing plan, so all I pretty much ate was seeds and dirt--hence the grumpiness. My husband and daughter went back and forth on whether to get me a cake, knowing I was on the special diet. Ultimately, they decided to get one, because what's a birthday without a cake? Even if I couldn't eat it, I could still enjoy the ceremony surrounding it.   They totally surprised me with this beautiful cake complete with a portrait of my beloved heart dog, Gibson, on the icing! It was truly a work of art! The cake was so pretty, for a moment, I thought about saving the top! ( Confession time: a few years earlier they had a custom cake made with five fondant Huskies on top, and while they eagerly waited to eat t