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Patriotic Pets on Parade for July 4th!

Harley is ready for some BBQ! Happy Birthday, America ! ! ! And to pay homage to our great country this Fourth of July, we are so pleased to present the first "Patriotic Pets on Parade" slideshow featuring some very beautiful and very patriotic canines from across America. Many of these are entrants in our very first "Patriotic Pets Photo Contest," but if you see some other great shots and wonder why they weren't winners, it's because they arrived after the contest deadline, but we wanted to be sure to include the pawsome pics in our virtual parade! So call your furkids, have a piece of apple pie, and turn up the volume to enjoy this Independence Day tribute! N ow, of course, I know many of you are anxiously wooing, waiting, and wagging your tails to see who placed in the "Patriotic Pets Photo Contest." Not to delay the discovery (and you can always cheat and scroll down first then backtrack to read this...but you know how anticipation ma