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Jr. Iditarod 2015 Kicks Off Sunday and the FiveSibes Are Hitting the Trails With Junior Musher Nicole Forto & Team Ineka!

  Check out our FiveSibes patch on Jr. Musher Nicole Forto's arm!  ...Well, sort of! While we won't actually be at the Junior Iditarod in person, we will be enjoying this year's race as what I like to call "armchair mushers!" My FiveSibes family is so very excited to announce that we are one of Nicole and Team Ineka's sponsors for this year's Junior Iditarod! Wooo! For us it's the next best thing to actually being there in person! While we wish we could actually be there with Nicole, her family and their Team Ineka, we are thrilled that Nicole is wearing our FiveSibes patch, with a ribbon for K9 Epilepsy Awareness, on her parka and "taking us along" on a thrilling sled ride of a lifetime! For up-to-date news, visit! The writer and the mom in me is so very proud of this young, impressive lady! I'm always just so thrilled to chat with Nicole, and we had the chance to catch up pre-race on my rec