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A Book Signing With Buddy, the Christmas Husky on a #FlashbackFriday

    Flashback ~ August 12, 2016 ~ FiveSibesMom Meeting Buddy, the Christmas Husky for a special Buddy, the Christmas Husky~A True Holiday Miracle Book Signing!       Woo! Six years ago today was one of the most fun days as an author I ever had! It was when sweet beautiful Buddy, the Christmas Husky traveled north from Georgia to Upstate New York (with stops in between to meet some special Team Buddy friends along the way) to be the very special guest at my book signing meet-and-greet event for my book all about him! Buddy was the sweetest boy, and I am so thrilled to have received some coveted Buddy kisses upon meeting him! I mean, it's an author's dream to meet their book's "hero" and spend the afternoon with him!   The fun graphic I designed of travellin' Buddy!   To think of how he was once found, abandoned and abused, then rescued from wandering along a road on a snowy Christmas Day by a Good Samaritan named Geneva, and then forever fostered by Mama Shay a