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The Train of Life

  FiveSibes Flashback Photo ~ "Gibson" ~ April 2011     W ith Purple Day® for Epilepsy coming up soon on March 26th, along with our 9th annual #LiveGibStrong Purple Day Blog Hop , I've been thinking so much about my Epi-warrior, BFF (best furry friend), and inspriation, Gibson. In preparation, I've been going through many photos and videos and find myself reminiscing and caught in a time warp. I've said it before, and I'll say it a million times more, time is surreal. I've shared this pic before of my boy, but this time I took some creative liberties and placed him outside of a train window--where the passengers on life's journey could spot him in all of his beauty enjoy the journey. He never let epilepsy take his zest and joy for life away.    This photo represents a fond memory that is one of my favorites. Truth be told, I have so many favorites. But, this one represented one of Gibson's "Phoenix Rising" moments. I had him on a health