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How Many Snow Dogs Do You See?!

  Winter Flashback ~ FiveSibes   “A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky...and seems like a thing of wonder.”     ~Susan Orlean With the past few days of snow we've been having here, it brought back to mind how much my FiveSibes loved to go out and play in it! It was as though we waited all year in anticiaption of wintery snow days and it was truly a magical world in our yard during and after a snowfall when I'd let my Huskies let out in the yard to play! I'd open the kitchen door and they would zoom out across the deck down the ramp and into the snowy yard below. Oh, how they had a blast, especially during the quiet snowy evenings,when they went out to investigate the newly fallen snow in the that wondrous peaceful silence that only happens right after a snowfall. Snowy nights were always a special time for my snow dogs and me. ❄️💙  Question: In the magical snowy evening photo above, can you count how many of my FiveSibes were playing out in the snow? H

A Birthday Remembered: Our Three Pupsters Would Be Turning 15 Today

  #FiveSibes #Flashback ~ #Pupsters 1st Birthday ~ January 19, 2009 Wow! As I sit here and think about my three Pupsters littermates — Wolfie and sisters Bandit and Chloe—on their birthday, I am in a surreal place of mind. My three *puppies*—the youngest of our FiveSibes pack, would be 15 today! FIFTEEN!  Mind blown. 🤯   Our three adorable Pupsters when we brought them home! Three Siberian Husky puppies ~ Three times the fun! I always think of them in their youth and prime. Harley and Gibson the OGs of our pack, with the three puppies joining in wild Siberian Husky shenanigans. My wild and crazy and loving Husky "kids" who added three times the craziness and love, would be 15.    In honor of their birthday, (their Gotcha Day wasn't until April), I sit here and remember all the fun times, the zoomies across our yard, the howlfests, the excited Christmas morning and opening of their gifts, their fabulous birthday parties, and those endearing snoring nights that filled my h

#FlashbackFriday: Which Cookbook, Bandit?

  #FiveSibes Flashback Photo Meme ~ Bandit    When I came across this photo, it made me chuckle. My cookbook shelf was situated in my kitchen nook, the FiveSibes' favorite room to snooze in. Gibson would take his spot under th window, Wolfie in front of the table, Harley would select which spot under one of of the benches was her on that particular day, and Pupster sisters Chloe and Bandit would race in and slide under the table to choose their spots. One of the favorite things for Gibson and Bandit, was that cookbook unit. My best guess it was because they simply smelled good from all the years of powder and sugar or frosting-coated fingers handling the pages while whipp9ing up a recipe. Or...maybe they were really seeking out that one Garden book so they could learn more about where to dig?    "Each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow." ~Unknown   Whatever the attraction, the cookbook shelf pics always made me laugh, whether it was Gibson pulling out the boo

Gibson: Celebrating A Very Special Dog on His Birthdate

#FlashbackFriday ~ Gibson's Birthday ~ January 6, 2014 The gorgeous face that melted my heart. Today will always be a special day in my mind and in my heart as it is my beloved Gibson's birthday...what would have been his 17th. And those birthday parties? Oh, how much fun we had! Gibson's birthday was right after Christmas so birthday pics and ice cream cake for all FiveSibes to enjoy in front of the tree just seemed magical. Now looking back, or "flashing" back, I am so happy for those wonderful memories and making their birthdays so special. When I would pull out the bone-shaped cake pan to make their ice cream cakes, they knew it was a party! As soon as they heard me open the cabinet, all five would come running into the kitchen woooing with Gibbie doing his excited hip-hop dance! There was just so much joy spent with them. And Gibson was such a large character~both in size and in personality~you  just had to smile.    Cake Time! All join in! #Flashback ~ 2014