Gibson: Celebrating A Very Special Dog on His Birthdate

#FlashbackFriday ~ Gibson's Birthday ~ January 6, 2014
The gorgeous face that melted my heart.

Today will always be a special day in my mind and in my heart as it is my beloved Gibson's birthday...what would have been his 17th. And those birthday parties? Oh, how much fun we had! Gibson's birthday was right after Christmas so birthday pics and ice cream cake for all FiveSibes to enjoy in front of the tree just seemed magical. Now looking back, or "flashing" back, I am so happy for those wonderful memories and making their birthdays so special. When I would pull out the bone-shaped cake pan to make their ice cream cakes, they knew it was a party! As soon as they heard me open the cabinet, all five would come running into the kitchen woooing with Gibbie doing his excited hip-hop dance! There was just so much joy spent with them. And Gibson was such a large character~both in size and in personality~you  just had to smile. 


Cake Time! All join in!
#Flashback ~ 2014 
Now, it's a bit surreal to know they were once here and spent a decade (give or take a few years) with me, and now they are all gone. To think that my big fluffy boy— if here—would be turning 17, and while I know in reality he would not be here with me today any how, it is comforting to remember those wonderful days of past and think of him eagerly hip-hopping and saying "Ice Cream" like he always did (yes, he said "Ice cream" and "I love you" quite often)! Now he is hopefully celebrating his life up there in the forever snowy fields north of the Rainbow Bridge with his love Harley and Pupster siblings Wolfie, Bandit, and Chloe; all enjoying some wonderful frozen snow cream cake, having some awesome zoomies, and feeling my eternal love for hu-mom print forever on his big ol' loving heart.

Gibbie loved presents! (To chew and rip apart, that is!)
#Flashback ~ 2014

Flashing ahead a year now to a fun video from Gibson's ninth birthday in 2015 and the "party" (like we had every year) that they and I always enjoyed! All now precious memories for this FiveSibesMom's heart for little did I know that was to be his last birthday with us as he passed 11 months later. Although he was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after his third birthday, Gibson never let that stop him from loving life! He truly was an inspiration. Gibson's big yet gentle polar bear pawprint will forever be on my heart and he will forever be my spirit animal. 

Love you for always, my sweet G-man. 💜

“A life lived in love will never be dull.”

~Leo Buscaglia

But, today is a day of remembering him and celebrating Gibson's life. And that party, well,  it was a great one and I know he took all these loving, fun life memories with him on his journey to eternity. Hope you enjoy this birthday video! I know he would have loved for you to have been there!

Come on, Gibbie, let's go party!
#Flashback ~ January 6 2015 
So, dear readers, enjoy your dog's life—celebrate those milestones and every day in between. Make those birthdays extra special. Go ahead and play silly games with your Birthday dog, make a special dog-friendly cake, enjoy lots of hugs and wet doggy kisses, and take those kazillion photos and videos. One day, you'll be so glad you have those special keepsakes to look back on, and for the briefest of moments, bring you right back in time for one more special visit for your heart.



💛Memories are visits for the heart 💛


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  1. Happy Heavenly Birthday to your special, and always so magnificently handsome Angel ~ Gibson.

  2. Happy Birthday at the Bridge sweetie! We loved your video!

  3. Wishing your sweet boy a very wagnificent heavenly birthday. 🦴 🎉 🦴

  4. Happy Birthday Gibson! Hope you are having the best celebration! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you. (HUGS) to mom.♥

  5. Awww, sweet Angel Gibson, Happy Birthday from your earthly fans.

  6. Happy Birthday in heaven, sweet Gibson! I love your video, it's terrific. I love that shot of all 5 noses in the ice cream cake LOL!! That's priceless. We had a birthday party recently for Icy, who turned 13 this year. I really wish I had thrown birthday parties for her and Phoebe each year like you did for your beautiful snow dogs. You're such a great dog mom!

  7. Oh my, what sweet memories! I just LOVE the video of all the them enjoying the birthday cake. So, sweet and precious. I know they are celebrating and zooming in the snow over the rainbow bridge. You make me think I need to do a better job of documenting Henry's special and even not so special moments. While I always celebrate his birthday in some manner, I've never thrown him a birthday party, which he'd love. I need to up my game. Thank you so much for sharing this special day and special memories. Big hugs to you, Dorothy!

  8. Happy Heavenly Birthday Gibson, I hope you had lots of ice cream cake and ripped open your gifts. What a beautiful memory and thank you for sharing as you were so blessed to have all of them in your life and those memories are heart warming as they are always with you and the photos and videos are priceless

  9. Aww what a sweet video of Gibson and his siblings all sharing his birthday cake. You said it so well. Cherish every moment to preserve the memories down the line forever. You are such a great dog mom. All your pups are wagging their tails from Rainbow Bridge looking on. They definitely live on in our hearts forever!


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