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Epilepsy Discussion Time! Survey on Solar Flares and Atmospheric Changes. Let's Talk!

My sweet Epi-boy Gibson enjoying his new bed (that is perfectly Gibson-sized) from some dear friends ~ furangel Malachi Suthard (who was a fellow Epi-dog) ~ his wonderfully thoughtful parents Jim & Miedo.  Gibbie had a bit of a rough night Wednesday night getting sick (vomiting immediately after eating, being unsettled, and chronic panting even in the a/c) and today he enjoyed relaxing in my home office in the a/c in comfort on his palatial bed! He sends his heartfelt woos to Malachi's family.  My daughter sent me a link to the upcoming solar flares, and one of the articles noted that one occurred...Wednesday night! This led me to thinking... *Calling All Epi-Dog (Canine Epileptic) Parents for Some Discussion Time!* I know some other Epi-guardians have mentioned the recent occurrence of solar flares and atmospheric conditions as having possible effects on their Epi-dogs. One reportedly occurred (Wednesday, September 10). So here is my discussion topic: h