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#FiveSibes #WaitingWednesday: Spotlight on Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NorSled)!

If you think you are seeing double, you're actually looking at almost twin-like Siberian Huskies! Read more about beautiful family members Domino and Smiley further down in this post and how you can adopt them and other gorgeous Huskies from today's highlighted rescue~Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NorSled)!       Organization Contact Information     Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NorSled)   P.O. Box 30877,       Walnut Creek, CA 94598                                                                   EMAIL: TEL: 800-471-5822   Website:     Adoption Information:   Adoption Application:     Facebook Page (@NorSledRescue):   " Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NorSled) is a

Canine Cooking Corner: Autumn Apples!

Wolf: "Hey, Bandit, hu-mom left her apple unattended! Let's get some licks in." Bandit: "Nommm...hurry up, Wolfie. I think I hear hu-mom coming back." FiveSibesMom: "Ahem. Did you guys lick that apple?" Silence...with two sets of blue eyes (not-so-innocently) staring at me in Husky denial. This past weekend dawned with brilliant folliage on the trees further up north from us. So, during a lovely drive through what looked like a beautiful Autumn painting, we spotted a cute little roadside orchard that bright orange pumpkins piled in the back of an old red International pickup, and inside was a cooler full of fresh-picked, large apples! We chose a bag of Honeycrisps, and they were hands-down the best apples we or our Huskies ever took a bite of! No wonder Wolfie and Bandit were tempted to a few licks of my apple! Did you know...? Apples are healthy treats for dogs either as an addition to a homemade treat, or even fresh apple bits? (Just be sure to ne

A Birthday Fond(ant)ly Remembered

  Flashback Photo ~ Gibson & Hu-Mom ~ September 2015   Tomorrow is my birthday, and this one from five years ago always springs to mind. What a birthday this was! At the time, I had been on a special diet for my health and feeling quite grumpy because my acupuncturist had me on a detoxing plan, so all I pretty much ate was seeds and dirt--hence the grumpiness. My husband and daughter went back and forth on whether to get me a cake, knowing I was on the special diet. Ultimately, they decided to get one, because what's a birthday without a cake? Even if I couldn't eat it, I could still enjoy the ceremony surrounding it.   They totally surprised me with this beautiful cake complete with a portrait of my beloved heart dog, Gibson, on the icing! It was truly a work of art! The cake was so pretty, for a moment, I thought about saving the top! ( Confession time: a few years earlier they had a custom cake made with five fondant Huskies on top, and while they eagerly waited to eat t

#RememberMeThursday: #SeeTheLight and Adopt an Epi-dog!

Today's spotlight is on beautiful Siberian Husky Epi-dog, "Shiloh!" Read more about this beautiful young Husky and how you can apply to ThisIsHouston rescue to adopt her further down in this post! Welcome to #RememberMeThursday, where we shine a light on pet adoption! This year's theme - #SeeTheLight - is to have everyone "Light Up the World for Orphan Pets." The mission is that "Changing just one mind can save a life." So today--September 24, 2020--let's shine a light so bright that the whole world talks about adopting a pet!   What is #RememberMeThursday All About?  For me, an author and blogger, I create to save lives, my advocacy has been two-fold: 1) to promote the adoption of homeless Huskies in shelters and rescues; and to 2) advocate for all dogs with Canine Epilepsy. ADOPT A HUSKY: There is such a crisis for Huskies needing forever and foster homes. The stunning beauty of the dogs, and the rise in popularity due to television sh