#RememberMeThursday: #SeeTheLight and Adopt an Epi-dog!

Today's spotlight is on beautiful Siberian Husky Epi-dog, "Shiloh!" Read more about this beautiful young Husky and how you can apply to ThisIsHouston rescue to adopt her further down in this post!


Welcome to #RememberMeThursday, where we shine a light on pet adoption! This year's theme - #SeeTheLight - is to have everyone "Light Up the World for Orphan Pets." The mission is that "Changing just one mind can save a life." So today--September 24, 2020--let's shine a light so bright that the whole world talks about adopting a pet!


What is #RememberMeThursday All About? 

For me, an author and blogger, I create to save lives, my advocacy has been two-fold: 1) to promote the adoption of homeless Huskies in shelters and rescues; and to 2) advocate for all dogs with Canine Epilepsy.

ADOPT A HUSKY: There is such a crisis for Huskies needing forever and foster homes. The stunning beauty of the dogs, and the rise in popularity due to television shows and movies, Siberian Huskies are a much sought after breed. However, Huskies are not for everyone! And all too soon, folks who go out and get a Husky without first doing their homework, find that out that their needs are not well suited to their family lifestyle. Now, a Husky's "needs" is what us Siberian Husky lovers find charming! But...that is why becoming educated on the breed is so critical to the well-being of these beautiful, lovable, silly, mischief-making, super-smart dogs need. Here, through my FiveSibes, through my awareness campaign #BreedEducate2Relate (check out my post on "It Takes a Village to Help Huskies in Need").  I try to help to educate others on the special needs of the breed so they are well-informed prior to welcoming a Husky in their home so that Husky will become a forever member of a loving home, and not wind up back in a shelter because people did not understand the breed's needs.

CANINE EPILEPSY AWARENESS: As a hu-parent of a wooly Siberian Husky (my beloved Gibson) who was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy shortly after he turned three, I understand what it is like to live with a dog who has seizures. Gibson inspired me to become a Purple Day® for Epilepsy advocate since 2012, and to form the #FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong and #Paws4Purple (in collaboration with PurpleDay Every Day/The Anita Kaufmann Foundation) campaigns to help support and educate others who find themselves on this journey with their dog. Seizures can be caused by so many triggers, it is important to have the dog checked out thoroughly by a vet and then together, develop a plan to hopefully manage the seizures, whether through medication, diet, holistic therapies, or a combination of both. And yes, dogs can--and do--live happy full lives with Canine Epilepsy, with special care and lots of love.

For more in-depth information on Canine Epilepsy, with cited vet sources, open clinical trials, and important resources, please check out my post #LiveGibStrong #Paws4Purple Feature: Help! My dog had a seizure. Is it Epilepsy? 

Now...are you ready to adopt a beautiful Siberian Husky, who just happens to have Epilepsy? Let's meet and learn about our adorable Husky of the day, "Shiloh," who is currently with ThisIsHouston rescue waiting for her forever home...

Meet Shiloh, the Husky Pup! 
(Just look at that adorable face!)

Shiloh was an owner surrender to Harris County Animal Shelter because of “cost” reasons. She was 12 weeks old and had a history of seizures. We sent her to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists straight from the shelter where she was monitored for 24 hours. She never had a seizure so she went home into foster care.

She started having seizures the next day and was rushed to the vet, She eventually went back to Gulf Coast for all the appropriate testings and after $6,485.61 in vet bills, there is no explanation to her seizures. They believe it is idiopathic. Shiloh started two anti-seizure medications, which seemed to help until she had a cluster of seizures and a near death experience. After being rushed back again, a third seizure medication was added, Pheno, and ***she was recently weaned off of the other two medications and is doing so well!*** Woo!

“There have been many times where we questioned her quality of life,” notes the folks at ThisIsHouston, “but once she transferred into the care of our behaviorist at Sea Dog Animal Training, Shiloh became a new puppy! She’s now potty trained, she listens well, she can walk on a leash well without biting, she doesn’t attack non-living objects like fire hydrants anymore, and she’s even doing better with other dogs now!”

Such wonderful news! “Now, we’re on the hunt to find her forever family! And it must be a very special family since Shiloh is a very special dog! Her ideal home is one with patience, 0-3 other dogs (more time and attention on her), and a home with seizure experience and knowledge. She will be getting spayed soon so we will consider out of state applicants!”

According to ThisIsHouston, “Her trainer describes her as really smart, and says ‘she just needs someone that is patient. She is quiet and rests or plays in the crate. Needs to work on other dogs and not triggering them— she’s still learning social skills. She’s very well behaved for a puppy her age and as long as she has someone that will be consistent, I think she can really be placed with almost any experienced dog person.’”
If you'd like to adopt Shiloh, please fill out an Adoption Application HERE! And be sure read all about Canine Epilepsy in my post HERE!
Oh, and my beloved Gibson, my inspiration for Canine Epilepsy awareness? With closely monitored bloodwork with my vet team, medication, holistic therapies, and changes to his nutrition program, he lived with his seizures managed for the last seven years of his life, and he was the most happy big fluffy lovebug Husky there was!
Speaking of Huskies (don't I always!), let's talk about awareness! After all, we want all the homeless ones to be adopted into forever loving homes!

Just What Do Huskies Need?

You can check out our website for more about Huskies HERE, but for the most part...

  • Huskies need exercise! Zoomies is their thing! It is in the Siberian Husky's genetics to run! They were born to it, and they  love it. So a Husky needs exercise, and lots of it. The saying goes, "A tired Husky is a happy Husky (and Husky parent)!
  • Huskies are "Houdinis" and the best escape artists I have ever seen in a dog! They can dig, climb, crawl, and figure their way out of a fence, yard, house, crate--you name it! Often times, this lead them into trouble such as becoming a lost dog. (Sidebar note: M-i-c-r-o-c-h-i-p, please!) 
  • Huskies have a high-prey drive, especially small animals. Thinks squirrels, opossums,  birds, and (sadly) even your neighbors chickens and cats. They are not mean, it is just instinct.
  • Huskies who are bored can become destructive. VERY destructive. Everything from the window sills to the walls and sofa become fair play to a Husky who has been cooped up all day.
  • Huskies are wooers, talkers, and singers. This is one of my favorite qualities, but it is not for everyone. If you want a quiet dog,  keep looking.
  • Huskies are stubborn and think they are smarter than you. They learn fast--but,  once they learn something, they are ready to move on to the next thing. Oh, and maybe they will listen to you, or, maybe not! (Once trained, they know what to do. Just don't bore them)!
  • Huskies are pack animals and love to be around more Huskies. If you can't have more Huskies, other dogs (please introduce first) or Humans will do! (Cats can be iffy, depending on the Husky. Some love them, others see them as "prey.")
  • Husky play looks and sounds ferocious--but it's play! You get used to it!
  • Huskies looooove to dig, and they can dig craters large enough to hide themselves in! So, if you want a nice flower bed, plant it away from their side of the yard!
  • Huskies have double coats and
    shed. A Lot. When they blow
    their coats, the shedding fur can c
    reate another whole dog! Consistent grooming is a must for these lovelies. (And, did you know you can donate that fur you just had brushed off them? Yes! And the sheds help out other Huskies in need! Check out my episode of "The Sibe Vibe" on Dog Works Radio where I speak with a siberwool spinner and you can learn about what items can be made from the spun fur, and how donating your Huskies blown coat fur can help other dogs in need! Now, if you think Husky fur is a fashion accessory, and have a great vacuum and a lot of super sticky lint rollers, you'll do just fine!
  •  Don't be surprised if you fall in the love with this amazing, beautiful, loving breed, their specific needs and all, and become a victim of the Siberian Husky "Potato Chip Theory" like me because "you just can't have one!"
Be sure to read my post "It Takes a Village to Help Huskies in Need" for more in depth info on the magnificent Siberian Husky and the help rescues need to save these beautiful dogs!

To check out beautiful Siberian Huskies up for adoption, please check out my weekly #WaitingWednesday Blog Hop, where I highlight a different Husky rescue and some of their beautiful adoptable Huskies just waiting for their forever families! Simply type #WaitingWednesday in my FiveSibes blog search bar for all the posts!

And one last note, if you are not sure if a Siberian Husky is for you, or if you are not yet ready to adopt...maybe think about becoming a foster parent! You get to know a beautiful Siberian Husky and the Husky gets out of a shelter and into a home! And who knows...you may just decide you were both made for each other! A total win-win!

To apply to be a foster hu-parent, check with your local rescue! Not sure if you have a rescue nearby? Check out our listings HERE

 So, today, #RememberMeThursday, light a candle to help the world #SeeTheLight about orphaned pets and share it on social media! (Don't forget to use the hashtags!)
 To light your candle for an orphaned pet, visit HERE!

 Enter your rescue pet’s story to win pet food and money for your favorite shelter or rescue. Remember to nominate your favorite rescue or shelter to win! For details and to enter, visit HERE!
We are joining in the #RememberMeThursday Blog Hop hosted by Lola, the Rescued Cat!



  1. Thank you for being a voice for Huskies and all you do to bring attention to epilepsy. And big hugs for hopping with us! We appreciate it.

  2. We sure hope sweet Shiloh gets that happy home soon. Adoptions are just the best and here's to many, many more...and then some!

  3. I've always found huskies incredibly beautiful and smart! And I know they do need LOTS of exercise! I hope Shiloh finds her forever home with a patient family soon!


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