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Happy Fourth Birthday to Our Pupsters!

"Woo...we're 4 today!" Happy Birthday to our Pupsters: Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit! It's so hard to believe the babies are now four years old! But age, after all, is just a number. They sure still act like they are puppies and do everything together and in tandem like they did since the day they came home and my daughter trained them. We used to love the "puppy pile up" where they would just plop down and fall asleep on top of each other after playing. Now, they still sleep near each other; hug each other, run together, and follow each other in tandem to eat or do their business. They are a pretty comical trio and they sure do keep our alpha Harley and boy Gibson busy! Wolf has grown very close to his big brother Gibson (who just celebrated his sixth birthday on January 6th) while Chloe loves to snuggle up against Gib to keep warm when they're outside (of course, she needs to make room for Gibson's true love Harley to be near), and Bandit has become