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A November Epi-Tip for Fall Back Changes

Flashback Photo of Gibson 2010 November marks Epilepsy Awareness Month and along with my posting FiveSibes #LiveGibStrong Epi-tips, resources, books, and some fabulous Epi-Stars throughout this month, November also sees the end to Daylight Saving Time, a time for clocks to "fall back" in many areas on November 4th at 2 AM EST. So, my first important Epi-tip of the month is if your Epi-dog (dog with Epilepsy) is on specifically timed medications, you will want to adjust his schedule a few days ahead of time, or at least for the first day of the new time change, stagger the dosage times. For example, if your pet typically gets his medications at  7 AM and 7 PM, for the first day of DST, give the AM dosage at the new fall-back time of 6:30 (true time would be 7:30, a half hour later than usual), and give the 7 PM dosage at 6:30 (true time would be 7:30). That way, while their internal clock says it's a bit late, their system can adjust to the "new" t