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The Puppies Turned Three!

I t's so hard to believe, but our pupsters all turned three years old today - on January 19!!! It seems like just yesterday they were babies all cuddled and huddled together when my daughter and I first brought them home in 2008. Today, they are still very close and can be quite silly! C hloe, Wolf, and Bandit celebrated their birthday in style with an ice cream snowball "cake," silly hats (which came off very quickly!), and Skineez toys! A s I did with Gibson for his birthday last week, I once again took a nostalgic stroll down Memory Lane and put together a little slideshow of the pupsters from when they joined our family at just 9 weeks old. That's when they met "Momma" Harley and older brother Gibson, and they all became the FiveSibes! I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I've had fun putting it together. ♥ Happy Birthday, Pups! We love you! ♥