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A Birthday Fit for a FiveSibes Queen!

Woo! Today is our beautiful alpha queen Harley's 13th Birthday! Wow! It seems like just yesterday she was a wee pup of 7 weeks old when we drove an hour away in a pouring rain storm to pick up what was our family's first Siberian Husky. My daughter had wanted a Husky pup for a long time, since she was a kid! But I always said when she grew up and knew how to care for a dog, I would get her one. We already had our senior dog, Chelsey, a beautiful German Shepherd and Akita mix we had adopted from our local SPCA when my daughter was very young. They grew up together and were best buds. Once I was confident she could care for her own, we brought Harley into our family. Little did we know then, that flash forward - we would add four more Huskies to our family and they would become the incredible FiveSibes!  Harley has always been the alpha. The leader of the pack family. When we brought Gibson home at four months of age, she was a year and a half, he fell head over fluffy t