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Just Cruisin' on a Flashback Friday!

Pre-FiveSibes, our family (and daughter's first) furry best friend was an Akita/German  Shepherd mix we adopted from our local SPCA. Or rather, she adopted us! When we saw her, it was love at first sight - for all of us!  My daughter was just five, and this little puppy started following her all over the shelter, right into our hearts and lives! Chelsey and my daughter grew up together, the very best of friends. She was the best trained dog, always listening to her commands, and always, always right by my daughter's side.  "No symphony orchestra ever played music like a (little) girl laughing with a puppy." ~ Bern Williams Chelsey was about 12 when Harley and then Gibson joined our family, and she was able to engage in a few games of fun with them before she started showing symptoms of canine Alzheimer's. Once the symptoms increased, she retired to resting in sunbeams under my daughter's bedroom window until it was time for her to leave us. It's