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It's Tuesday: That Means it's Time for "Canine Cooking Corner" #3!

Welcome back to another blog-isode of our "Canine Cooking Corner!" Tonight, Wolf has his bowl all ready to mix up some "Turkey Mish-Mash" and do a little taste tasting along the way!  This recipe is great for roasted turkey (or chicken)...and it's 100% Sibe tested and approved! If you have any leftovers leftover from Thanksgiving, here's a great treat for your furkids and I promise they will lick their bowls clean! We also came across some great canine recipes over at Husky Haven that we will be whipping up soon. While there, check out their sweet rescue Sibes in need of a loving home.  Please feel free to link to us and/or leave us a "woo" or two about what your furpal's fave recipe is. Until next Tuesday, keep cookin' and Bon Appetit! "