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The Magic of Sharing Birthdays With Huskies (And the BEST Birthday Cake Everrr!!!)

The piece de resistance ~a FiveSibes Birthday cake! What a wonderful surprise I received today from my hubby, daughter, and the Sibe kids...the best, most beautiful Birthday cake everrrr! It was a custom-made FiveSibes Birthday cake from our local bakery complete with fondant replicas of Harley, Gibson, Wolf, Chloe, and Bandit! It was way too pretty to eat...but, after many hours of admiring it and taking lots of photos...we did eat it... But ...not until after I safely removed each and every fondant Husky and carefully placed them on a plate until I can get to the craft store and purchase some shellac to preserve them and place them in my curio cabinet with my other Husky collectibles!    The totally pawsome fondant Huskies: Harley, Gibson, Chloe, Bandit & Wolf! I don't think I could ask for a more perfect Birthday. It started off with the sun brightly shining, illuminating the beautiful beginning Autumn colors on the trees. Then, my daughter and I shared some p