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Thoughtul Thursday: Reflecting on the Kindness of Others

Artist Kat with Gibson and his artistic likeness. It's hard to believe, and it does sound very clichéd , but time sure does fly by. It seems life gets so busy at times caring for our families and furkids, jobs, school, ailing and rehabilitating furkids, our own health issues, and so many of life's commitments, while we intended to do something, we sometimes carry it around in our mind until we have the actual time to put it into practice. Such is the case of today's blog. While I am late in posting this, the timing of such a story is never ending. And since it's May...a time of renewal and holidays such as Mother's Day, May Day, Memorial Day, graduations, weddings, and all things pertaining to celebrations and gifts, it actually is a perfect time to talk about about a gift that was so thoughtful and meaningful, I needed to share the story behind it and thought, no time like the present to do so! The OP PACK at