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Ode to a Sled Dog: Chance of Ojibwa

 "Chance" Lead Dog, Ojibwa Kennel  9/28/04- 7/10/17    Today, my FiveSibes and I are dedicating our blog post to the loss of a great sled dog - the beautiful "Chance," Karen and Dave Hill's amazing lead dog of the Ojibwa Kennel team from Minnesota. You can follow them and their beautiful sled dogs on their Facebook page here. I'm sharing Karen's heartfelt words here in her ode to her special sled dog and about how much this boy meant to her: "In my early years of mushing I wanted so very much to have a Seppala Siberian in my kennel. Back then, we didn't have social media, so finding a breeder of Sepps wasn't as simple as pushing a button. Around 2002 or 2003, a friend of mine said she planned to breed one of her dogs and asked if I would take a puppy because she wanted to be sure they would go to good homes. I was elated to hear that she would be breeding to a Seppala. Of course I said yes. When the pups were a few wee