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Keeping Our Dogs Safe While Enjoying the July 4th Festivities on a #FlashbackFriday

    #FiveSibes Flashback ~ Our Patriotic Pupsters Bandit and Wolfie ~ July 2020     Flashing back to 2015, our alpha queen "Harley" loved wearing her patriotic glasses! I believe she knew just how beautiful she looked in them!  What do you think?   And as always, please be keep your pets safe while enjoying the Independence Day festivities!            ♥︎ Memories are Visits for the Heart. ♥︎   The Linky tool will open all week for you to join us in the Blog Hop and share pics from yesteryear or yesterday, include our badge and *link back to us*, and  be sure to hop along and visit the other blogs and don't forget to leave a nice comment!  Happy Friday!          Visit our Home Page and Don't Forget to Visit Our Other Pages, including Our #LiveGibStrong On-Line K-9 Epilepsy Resource Page. Just click on "More" Pages at top of blog.      

Memories of Chloe, Our FiveSibes Sweetheart, on her Fourth Rainbow Bridge Anniversary 🌈✨πŸ•

   #Flashback ~ Chloe ~ 2019 My daughter's Chloe was one of the sweetest dogs we've ever had. She truly was the sweetheart of our FiveSibes pack family, and the best mannered of the three Pupsters (while all well-trained, Bandit could be a brat to her siblings, and Wolfie could be aloof, but they always stuck together, like the Three Musketeers! They were siblings in every sense of the word.) Chloe just loved to be happy, sleep, and eat; maybe in the reverse order since she looooved to eat! Chloe would talk--a lot--I dubbed her "Chatty Chloe!" She had this adorable warble to her woo, that was a mix of a bark and a howl. And when it was time for a meal or snack, she was the first one who arrived on the scene, immediately sit, and eagerly wag her tail while waiting.  There are no good-byes, where ever you'll be, you'll be in my heart. ~Ghandi When she blew out both of her cruciates at the same time, and we rushed her to the hospital and were told she required i

Pool Days, Good Ol' Splashin' Sibe Cool Days

  A fun splishin'-and-splashin' #FlashbackFriday tribute to our beautiful Harley from June 2019! Ah, school is almost out here and the hint of hot summer days is in the air. It brings back fond memories of my FiveSibes and their pooltime fun. The best was when we set up their pools for the first time. As I filed it full of water from our hose, the site and sound always brought such happiness to our fab five. Our alpha queen Harley was our true Siberian Husky Beach Babe! She never met a pool (or hose) she didn't love. She was always the first one in and the last one out. Oh, how I miss her and all those fun summertime days. πŸ’™ "Yes, I was a-splishin' and a splashin' I was a-rollin' and a-strollin' Yeah, I was a-movin' and a-groovin'...woo!" ~Bobby Darin & Murray Kaufman    πŸ’› Memories Are Visits For the Heart πŸ’›         The Linky tool will open all week for you to join us in the Blog Hop and share pics from yesteryear or yesterday!

What to Do If You've LOST or FOUND a Dog

      "Not all stray dogs are homeless,"   states Lost Dogs of America.    While we don't want to think about our dog getting out and lost, but now, especially with the nicer weather, means more times dogs are outside or traveling, and the risk is high that they can get loose and become lost. Dogs can travel--or be taken--great distances. What do you do when your dog goes missing?   The flip side is there are a great number of dogs found. How do you get it back home to its family?   My latest article in 4Knines "Lost and Found Dogs: Resources to Help" i s a MUST READ for all dog parents . I share important tips, sites, resources, poster templates, and a 2-part episode of my show "The Sibe Vibe" featuring experts from Lost Dogs of America, Lost Dogs of Wisconsin , PetFBI, and Lost/Found Husky Group on Facebook.   Lost/Found Husky Dogs Group on Facebook Please check out my article, bookmark it, share it, and remember, "All stray dogs are not homele

Sibes and Sunsets on #FlashbackFriday

   FiveSibes #Flashback ~ 2016 ~ Wolf, Harley, Chloe & Bandit "Sunsets are just little glimpses of the golden streets of heaven." ~Unknown   This sunset moment I captured of my four FiveSibes brings back those very moments of peace and love, when I sat out on the back deck with my beloved pups and together we quietly watched the sun set beyond the trees. This particular photo was taken one year and a day after my mother passed, and 11 months since Gibson had earned his furangel wings. So much happens in a period of a year, it's incredible. Life can change in a blink. Moments like this one above I cherished. Sunsets represented a time of lovely calm before my four remaining FiveSibes had their last evening run before coming in to settle down for the night. Knowing they were together--safe, content, and happy was all I needed to fill myself with a contented happiness, at the same time missing cherished loved ones who were no longer with us. Now, seven years later as I

#FlashbackFriday: Bandit and the Three Beds

FiveSibes #Flashback ~ Bandit & Chloe ~ 2015   Oh, these Pupsters! Bandit was always, always the tricky one...her moniker fit her thieving ways! Whether it was new toys for all, which she stole and laid on, or new beds for all...Bandit, as quick as Robin Hood, stole it all. Only she didn't give to the poor, she gave to herself! And funny part of it all--all of the others let her do it! Every now and again alpha queen Harley would stroll over and snatch one back I think to just remind them who was really the boss of the pack family, and when she did, Bandit would roll over and surrender! But only to Harley, their "momma." The other two Pupster siblings, Chloe and Wolf, either ignored her, or if you can picture them rolling their blue eyes thinking "Whatever!"-- they did!  Pictured above, is our dear Bandit making herself at home on the pile of new beds I had just brought home. Like Goldilocks, she had tested each one out first, then watched me as I stacked t