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Spring is Pet Awareness Time

Happy Mother's Day to all the fine Moms out there, both Hu- and Sibe Moms alike. Hope today was a fun, relaxing day for all! Spring is a busy time for pets and pet parents. May is not only Pet Cancer Awareness Month, but the first week of May also recognizes National Pet Awareness. As part of being a Sibe (or any pet) parent, it is our responsibility to have fun, but to also be in tune with them as a parent; to know when they are feeling good and are healthy, as well as being able to detect from their actions when there may be something wrong. Sometimes the latter is easy, sometimes not so much. The key is awareness, and knowing our Sibes and their dispositions and body language. My personal opinion is if something does not seem right with your Sibes, don't wait. Naturally, it can be costly to run to the vet for every small thing, but it is our responsibility - the same as with our own Hu-children - to know when it is time to seek professional help. Keep them under a watchful