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Family Emergency

Hello, dear fellow Blogville family...due to a family emergency with my 94-year-old mother who fell three days ago and has been hospitalized with pneumonia, a secondary infection, a broken foot, bruises and contusions, and a heart arrythmia, I will be off the blogging grid for a short while to be with her as she is in the hospital. After they clear up her pneumonia, they will be transferring her to a rehab facility for an unknown period of time to help heal her broken foot and see why she is unable to walk, and if she can even walk again. I also will not be able to attend this weekend's Canine Epilepsy Expo & Fundraiser in Long Island, NY.   I do hope if you were planning on attending, you'll still go and support this worthwhile cause! The hosts, The Empire State Snow Dog Club , will be there with Huskies galore, booths, raffles, and you can meet adoptable Petco dogs! Anyone who i s interested in receiving info on Canine Epilepsy that I was going to bring, please feel