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For the Love of Faith: Happy 17th Birthday!

Faith DaBaldo photo by Jeanette DaBaldo There are beautiful scriptures about Faith. Songs of Faith. People have Faith. Faith is such a powerful five-letter word. And this beautiful Siberian Husky, aptly named "Faith," sure embodies the word as she is celebrating her 17th Birthday today! Faith DaBaldo's hu-mom, Jeanette, is a dear friend of mine. I first "met" beautiful Faith and Jeanette when I was hosting a photo contest here on my blog back in 2013. When I saw the photo of Faith decked out in a life jacket swimming in a pool, I thought what a pretty puppy! Only to find out this bright-eyed beautiful Husky "pup" was actually all grown up; a senior dog at 13 years of age! This led to an in-depth conversation about arthritis in senior dogs, alternative therapies, and it not only led to an article I wrote about this, but also forged a special bond of friendship between us. With having chosen alternative care for my Gibson, we chatted much about th