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#BettyWhiteChallenge: Celebrating Her 100th Birthday By Helping Shelter Pets

  We, as so many, were sad to see the amazing actress, comedienne, and animal advocate Betty White pass on December 31, 2021, just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday, which is today. In honor of her birthday and her lifelong love and care of animals, folks are asked to donate just $5 to a rescue of their choice in honor of the amazing centenarian's birthday. So many rescues and shelters worldwide will receive much-needed donations to help their homeless pets waiting on their forever families. News reports are already rolling in with some amazing donation figures, and this I believe would have Ms. White smiling up Heaven to know she is still helping so many animals.   So pick a local or favorite shelter or rescue and donate in her name! Not sure of where you want to donate to? Since we are a Siberian Husky site, you can check out my list of Husky and Northern Breed Rescues ( *please always check with them first to be sure they are still in operation before sending any donation to