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A Husky Waits for Christmas

Our Harley waiting for Christmastime to come...

Holistic Healing of a Husky Through Laser Therapy

Gibson is checking himself out in an edition of a regional newspaper!    Why is Gibson featured? I wrote an article that was published in a newspaper about K-Laser USA Therapy  and the healing effects is has on animals, and one such patient is my boy, Gibson. Gibson had been experiencing some severe hind end weakness, including inability to take stairs, splaying when he walked on floors, and having a difficult time getting up. Since he is an Epi-dog and on a medicine regiment, helping him to heal without medication was my hope. I'm fortunate in that I have a wonderful veterinarian team and a lead veterinarian who is leading the way in our area with this type of alternative holistic healing and pain treatment.    Gibson waiting for his treatment next to poster of how it works.   Today, a large number of us pet parents seeks out alternative, or holistic, methods to treat our own health concerns and now turn to those same methods for our pets’ illnesses and injuries as well,