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Happy Husky New Year!

 Happy Husky New Year! by Dorothy Wills-Raftery H uskies are beautiful with eyes so bright. A nd they are intelligent and very sprite. P ulling sleds or P ulling apart toys        Y ou will love them all; girls and boys! H owling is their native song   U nderstanding where they belong.   S pirit guides speaking the unspoken   K eeping us safe by their side   Y et always willing to work and to ride.   N ome owes the Sibe since twenty-five   E veryone knows their story and pride;   W hether snow or ice, never they hide.   Y ou can’t keep a Husky from running   E ven then they are truly stunning.   A ll they want is a Hu-family to love;   R eal fur angels sent from above. We wish you all a very happy, healthy 2011!