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Veterans Day: A Time to Honor our Soldiers and Their K9 Partners

Wolf takes a moment to reflect upon his K9 heroes. On today, Veterans Day, the 11th day of the 11th month...let us all pause at the 11th hour from our daily tasks to take a moment and offer our thanks to all of our veterans both past and present, as well as the soldiers currently serving - both human and K9 - for their faithful service. I'd like to dedicate this Veterans Day blog to my late father, a SSGT who served two tours during WWII. The first in the U.S. Army's First Division (the Big Red One) , and the second with the Rainbow Division. My dad was a great lover of dogs and animals in general. Here he is pictured at his Army base with a couple of his furpals. Just how many different types of canines served as war dogs? According to the United States War Dog Association , in "January, 1942, not long after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the American Kennel Association and a new group calling itself ' Dogs for Defense ' mobilized