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A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words!

Harley & Chloe show off their portrait! Extra! Extra! It's Newsy Tuesday... and boy, do we have some exciting news to share! Back in  November, while reading an issue of the online newsletter, the Daily Kibble , I spotted one of their contests to win a Debby Carman original custom painting and just had to enter and have a chance at one of her wonderful, whimsical works of art (you can check out more of her enchanting creations over at her Faux Paw Productions website ).  My own FiveSibes™ Carman original! Imagine my surprise when I was notified by Lynn at the Daily Kibble that I had won my own custom portrait! In the words of my Sibes... Wooooo! Many thanks to the talented artist Debby Carman on her great rendition of my FiveSibes! It's so awesome that I've been going from room to room, holding it up trying to decide where I like it best since it looks so good just about everywhere in my house! I would also like to thank Lynn and the folks at Daily Kibbl