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Summertime Surprises!

Today may be the last day of August, and while summer is almost over, you sure can't tell by the hot, muggy weather we've been having here! The Sibe kids' pool has once again been filled...and they have some new, cool Kong toys to play with, thanks to our friends Holly and the Huskies ! These toys have been such a hit, both in and out of the pool! Many "thank wooos" to Holly, Nala, Ariel, Boo, Timber, and Chip for such a wonderful summertime surprise!!! Holly is new to blogging, so if you could stop by and give her a nice Bloggerville "welcome" and check out her beautiful Siberian Huskies, that would be great! Be sure to tell her FiveSibes sent you over! We hope everyone is enjoying the nice long Labor Day weekend!