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Help Make Homeless Huskies Happy for the Howlidays: Sponsor A Sibe in Need!

  ‘Tis the season to help homeless Siberian Huskies in need! As we've all seen, there is a serious problem of Huskies and northern breed dogs being "surrendered," or worse, abandoned, some ill and injured, and their only hope is that rescue folks will be able to save them. Due to the tremendous number of them being abandoned by what they thought were their forever families, rescues are filled beyond capacity, some have closed intakes, while others are hoping more fosters step forward to help give them temporary homes until a forever one can be found. Without them, these beautiful dogs have zero chance. They are a magnanimous breed that need exercise, socialization, interaction, and love. A shelter is no place for any dog, especially this breed. And there are just too many now who are waiting for their forever homes, whether it is in the care of a loving foster family or waiting at a brick-and-mortar rescue for someone to come and welcome them into their family. These dogs