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Our Fab Five Easter Huskies on a #FlashbackFriday!

My sweet boy Wolfie made such an adorable Easter Husky Bunny, didn't he? This is from Easter 2021, and it sure feels like we were just out in our backyard taking this photo. At the time, I had no idea it was his last Easter with us. I am always so grateful for all the special moments spent together (still cannot believe that era is over) and especially glad that I always had a camera with me! Oh, what wonderful joyful memories for this FiveSibesMom's heart.   Now, while the baby boy of our pack sure made an adorable Easter Husky, his older brother Gibson sure did, too!  The following pics are flashing back to 10 years earlier than Wolfie's pic above to Easter 2011! (Gah, where does the time fly to?!)     Woo! What are those? Easter eggs?  Do they have treats for us in them? Like I've said before, my FiveSibes were always up for a party and some fun! The last pic above is Harley and Chloe resting with their goodies! Now, every picture does indeed tell a story...see that