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One Year Later: I Miss You, My Wolfie 💙

FiveSibes Wolfgang White Wolf of Mystic Mountain “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ~ Thomas Campbell    One year. One full year. 365 days. How is it possible that my baby boy of the FiveSibes is no longer with me? I can still hear his woos and feel his soft silky white fur between my fingers as he lay next to me (hogging up the bed!). I always said he was my "teenager," as he loved to sleep in!   How is that all of my FiveSibes are all furangels now? Time is so surreal and fleeting. While we are in the middle of happiness, time just rolls on by. Yesterday, we were all together, laughing, wooing, and playing together, the future so far away. They were running like the wind across our yard, zoomies in unison, with Bandit "Husky surfing" across Gibson's back. Harley taking off with the Fetch ball and playing until all the others, myself included were sitting down exhausted, she still wanting to play again, and again, and again! The three Pupsters-