One Year Later: I Miss You, My Wolfie 💙

FiveSibes Wolfgang White Wolf of Mystic Mountain

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
~Thomas Campbell 
One year. One full year. 365 days. How is it possible that my baby boy of the FiveSibes is no longer with me? I can still hear his woos and feel his soft silky white fur between my fingers as he lay next to me (hogging up the bed!). I always said he was my "teenager," as he loved to sleep in!
How is that all of my FiveSibes are all furangels now? Time is so surreal and fleeting. While we are in the middle of happiness, time just rolls on by. Yesterday, we were all together, laughing, wooing, and playing together, the future so far away. They were running like the wind across our yard, zoomies in unison, with Bandit "Husky surfing" across Gibson's back. Harley taking off with the Fetch ball and playing until all the others, myself included were sitting down exhausted, she still wanting to play again, and again, and again! The three Pupsters--Wolf, Bandit, and Chloe, racing the wind side-by-side or in tandem; but always together. Then, after, all snoozing together all around me in the evening. That was the summary of our wonderful younger days. Then one by one, they crossed the Rainbow Bridge, until only Wolfie remained by my side. 
After my four passed, Wolfie missed his pack family. So much so, I feared losing him as he didn't eat. He wasn't happy. He was sad and grieving. He missed his furfamily. Desperately. Thankfully, in his throes of depression after Bandit, the last of his pupster siblings passed the year before, he bonded with my grandchildren. They became his new pack and his total happiness. And oh, how he needed that. The bond he formed with my young grandchildren was so wondrous to behold. I didn't think anything could bring him out of his depression, but my two grandchildren ages 5 and 2, did. They became his best friends, his joy. They reached him in ways even I could not, and he loved them so much. It was something so special to see.

Wolfie with my grandchildren, his loves.

Here, looking back...this is a tough time of year. First my mother passed November 15, 2015 followed closely by my Gibson on December 16 of the same year. And now, looking back from this perspective, Wolfie made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge last year just 10 days before his brother's date. Is there a meaning? I don't know.
Now, my baby Wolifie boy is with the rest of my beloved FiveSibes. (To read about his life and memorial, visit HERE). And while he was just a little over a month shy of his 14th birthday when he passed, I know I am lucky to have had him for so long. But is it ever enough?
I have tears, lots of tears, I take comfort that he is with his pack family once again, having fun wild zoomies across those forever snowy fields north of the Rainbow Bridge, where our beloved Siberian Huskies journey to. 
One of my favorite photos of my boy Wolfie from last winter.
A beautiful snow dog in his element.
But, oh how the loss hurts, as many of you know yourselves.
My FiveSibes are all furangels now. Where did all the years go? We started on our FiveSibes wonderful journey with Harley first in 2005...then Gibson in 2006...and the three Pupsters in 2009 and it's been a wonderful, beautiful, crazy, wild, loving ride. It is now 2022 and they are all gone now. And while each one was so painful to lose, first and foremost Wolfie's older brother, my Gibson, my heart dog and the first loss of my FiveSibes pack. Then each of their passings, ending with Wolf, took a piece of my heart with them. With his loss, Wolfie brings my life as FiveSibesMom to my OG pack full circle. He represents the end of the reign of FiveSibes...but they will always be my #ForeverFiveSibes, and I am so happy I was able to have them all from puppy age to some degree of senior age, all living together with me for their entire lives, and having Wolf, Bandit, and Chloe--the three Pupsters--siblings that were never separated and stayed bonded and together for their lives will always be a high point. 
I also want to take this opportunity on this Rainbow Bridge anniversary to send out a huge heartfelt "Thank You" to all of dear readers, for all your thoughts, cards, comments, Emails, and calls of condolences for my dear Wolfie. Your support and following and love of my FiveSibes over the years means so very much to me. I'm not sure what the future holds for this dog-loving momma, but whatever it is I so appreciate your following along with me. We truly are part of an amazing pet-loving Blogville community.

Run free, all of my beautiful sweet FiveSibes, together always and forever now, in those snowy fields north of the Rainbow Bridge. Carry my heart with you, always.

How many of us have lost our beloved dogs only to grieve for them for such a long time? Too many. Their loss never leaves us. We simply make more room in our hearts to keep them with us forever.
"When you believe beyond what your eyes can see...
signs from heaven show up to remind you, love never dies."  
~Spiritual Medium Julie Clapp

And as for signs...I've always been one to look for signs from loved ones, my mother and my FiveSibes, and have certainly had them and have written about them. Today, I had just woken up and was getting up. I reached for my eyeglasses, and instead came in contact with with something else...when I picked it up I realized what it was. A bracelet. My Husky head bracelet. A bracelet I had not touched, or have even worn for years. In fact, I have not even taken it off the bracelet stand that houses all of my wire bracelets that sits back up on my dresser for the past three years. My grandchildren, daughter, and husband did touch them. My husband saw the lone bracelet sitting down here, too. So...of all days, of all the bracelets...was it coincidence? Christmas magic? Or a sign from Wolfie, on today of all days--did he leave that as a sign he knew I'd understand? A sign letting me know he is not far from me? I choose to believe. And today, I am wearing it.

Dearest Wolfie, my FiveSibes pupster baby boy, I love you and will miss you always. I hope you are happy now back with your FiveSibes pack family. Your little humans miss you you so much and talk about you all the time. We miss you more than you know. Run free, Wolfgang, be happy, and know you were~ and always will be~so very loved. Please give a woo and nuzzle to Harley, Gibson, Chloe, and Bandit from me.
Love you forever my little white Wolf.
Your Forever FiveSibesMom

 Give all of your pups an extra hug today in memory of my Wolfie. 



  1. Woooo, may we all meet again,


  2. Big healing hug on this difficult day. ♥

  3. Oh Dorothy, I am so sorry for the loss of Wolfie and the Five Sibes. When you put it all together, it is so tragic how quickly you lost them. I feel your loss and joy and pain. I haven't known what to say for some time, because I know it will happen to us some day as well. I can't imagine what it must feel like to lose them all, especially Wolfie, being the last one. Thank you for sharing your Five Sibes with us and their story again here, on such a sad day. May you find peace in your heart that they are all together and still with you in spirit. Thank you again for sharing. ♥


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