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Dear Gibson: A Heart Dog's Heavenly Birthday

   A Happy Birthday letter to my big beautiful fluffy boy, Gibson!    " Your Birthday is here, but you aren't. I'd send a gift, but know that I can't. So I'll make a wish upon a star, to carry my love, to where you are." ~Unknown My beloved Gibson would be turning 18 tomorrow! Talk about mind-blowing.... so, I thought today it would make a perfect #FlashbackFriday—a good time for me to enjoy memories, or what I like to call a visit for my heart, with my Birthday Boy.   Dear Gibson... Oh, my sweet Gibbie, you are missed so very much. This is your 9th birthday celebrated in Heaven...which is so unbelievable to me. You have been gone for almost as long as the time I had shared a life with you. I miss your Gibbie kisses, your beautiful deep-soul eyes, your silliness, your funky hip-hop dances, your wooing, your big fluffy polar bear paw, and yes, those Gibbie Nibbies...your little nibble love bites! I love how you loved Harley...oh gosh,  you were so smitten b