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Holistic Pet Care: Massage & Reiki for What Ails Your Pet & "Get Your Dog Healthy With Natural Treats" Giveaway

Today is quite an exciting day! As you may have read in our post this past Wednesday, today we are celebrating the second anniversary of our Dog Works Radio show "The Sibe Vibe! " I am  so thrilled that you all have been such faithful fans and enjoy tuning in each month to listen to the many amazing and informative guests we've featured over the past two years. We wouldn't be celebrating this wonderful milestone if it weren't for our listeners and our guests, so huge, heartfelt "Woos" and "Thank Yous" go out to each and every one of you for making "The Sibe Vibe" such a success and highly-listened to broadcast! And a "Thank You" also goes out to my talented and wonderful co-host and producer, Robert Forto. I'm so proud the FiveSibes and I are part of the Dog Works Radio family and we can share this amazing two-year anniversary milestone with him and his radio network! August als