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A Puppy In A Basket!

"Happiness is a warm puppy." ~Charles M. Schulz Oh, my sweet little baby boy, Wolfie! Flashing back nine years to the spring of 2008, puppy "Wolfgang White Wolf of Mystic Mountain" was welcomed into our home along with his three littermates, sisters Chloe and Bandit, and joining our "originals" Harley and Gibson, the FiveSibes were formed! Pictured here, my little white fuzzy boy went out on our first pet store shopping trip and he loved riding in the cart! He wooed and howled all the way back to the car! To this day, he's my sweet "baby boy!"  You're Invited!   Come Stroll Memory Lane With Us!   Do you have a photo from your pet's past that you'd like to share? Come stroll down Memory Lane with us here at FiveSibes and join in our Flashback Friday blog hop (we are open all week)! Just post your pic on your blog, grab our badge from below (yes, that's Gibson & little bro, pupster Wolfie!) &