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Rescuing Aria: Calling Upon a Village to Help A Starving, Sick Siberian Husky

"Aria" on her rescue ride out of the shelter. Aria is an abandoned Husky that is a starvation case MUSH Rescue stepped in to help. In order to give Aria the medical care she needs, will take a village of caring folk s. T he number of Siberian Huskies and Husky mixes filling shelters is at an overwhelmingly and alarming rate. Why are so many being abandoned? What do people think will happen to the dogs the drop off, or worse yet, just abandon to the streets? There are not enough people to foster and/or adopt them. The shelters are full beyond capacity and are scheduling these sweet dogs to euthanization because they have no room and no fosters to take them in. There has to be a way to get this under control...a way to reach people and say, "Hey, yes, that Siberian Husky is indeed gorgeous, but do you know their habits? Traits? Needs? Will you give him/her a home forever? Take care of the Husky in sickness and health? Be a responsible pet parent?" "Aria" fro