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Happy Birthday Hu-Dad!

"Today is a very special day! I'm off  the to the dairy for a special treat!" "I'll keep watch!" woos Gibson. "Gib, is that him???" asks Harley.  "Not yet," says Gibson.  "Wooo...are you on your way???"  asks Bandit over the phone. "I'm not done wrapping yet!" exclaims Chloe. " the coast clear?" asks Wolf.  "I have the cake!" "Done! Shhhhh....I think he's home!!!" "Wooooooo! We are so excited!!!" "Here we go!!! Here he comes! Shhh...." "Surprise!!!"  "Happy Birthday to wooo... Happy Birthday to woo... Happy Birthday dear Hu-Dad... Happy Birthday to wooooooooo!  We love woo!" Here's a little video just for our Hu-Dad!