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Brrrr, Baby It's Cold Outside. Sharing ASPCA Cold Weather Tips for Pet Safety

Cold, snow and 4-foot icicles! The Northeast and New England has been hammered with what the media is referring to as a "biblical" number of snowstorms, blizzards, and hurricane-like winds, and record-breaking bitter cold temperatures in a decade! We are currently under more than two feet of snow, with another storm on its way this upcoming week. The temperatures have plummeted to below zero, with up to 35 mph winds, and  dangerous wind chills-tonight alone it's 4 ℉, but, with the bitter Arctic-like winds, registering -20℉ - -30 ℉ ! If your dogs can go out in the yard and free run, please keep a watch on them that they are not left out too long in case you get distracted by the phone, text, or TV show. Also, be sure to have their collars and tags on in case they escape. With snow, it's much more difficult for them to find their way home. Be sure their microchip info is up-to-date as well.  Even though we have "snow dogs" - Siberian Huskies, this