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Update on Gibson's Conservative Care Management for a Torn CCL

Here's my boy Gibson just relaxing at the vet's today. It's one of his favorite places to visit! He went in for his K-LaserUSA treatment for his torn Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL - ACL in humans) and weak hind end issues. was also his annual check-up and we received some great most of you know, we've been doing Conservative Care Management (CCM - also sometimes called Conservative Care Treatment), which included the laser treatments and his wearing a Woundwear stability brace (that he is now wearing just on long walks) for his CCL tear. Since he's an Epi-Husky (canine epileptic), we wanted to hold off on surgery if we could to see if CCM would be beneficial to him without surgery...and today, after almost 6 months of rehab under CCM, the vet said his knee with the CCL tear is getting a little tighter! Woo! I was so excited to hear this. Continuing with  the CCM for the CCL - s.l.o.w. and e.a.s.y - that's our motto! To re