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It's Back to School Time! Some Tips to Help Your Pet Adjust to the New Schedule!

  Back-to-School season is here! Even though summer Backpack's on - Bandit's ready to go! is not officially over in many areas for another few weeks, it's time for alarm clocks, homework, and after-school activities. After spending all summer together playing and lazing around the yard, the excitement of back-to-school can translate into stress for our family pets. To help pets adjust to the sudden empty-house syndrome, try preparing them a few days before if you can. Here are just a few tips to help make the transition a bit smoother: "I don't want to get up early!" Let  your dog escort your child with you to the bus stop, the corner, or ride along in the car if you drive your child to school. Keep the mood upbeat. We know how dogs pick up on our moods and energies. Let your children tell their furbaby that they will be back after school to play. They really do understand. Let the radio or TV play