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Memorial Day: Honoring Our Human and K9 Veterans and Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Wolf and all of us here at FiveSibes salute all our veterans. This is Memorial Day weekend here in the United States, and we' d like to share this beautiful tribute to the Military Working Dogs and their Handlers:  Since World War I, canines have played a large part in history. Known as "war dogs," these courageous canines, accompanied by their handlers, have bravely assisted our soldiers in so many ways; from tracking to bomb sniffing. For more interesting facts, videos, documentaries, stamp project information, and much more on the war dogs, visit the United States War Dog Association's website .   War Dog Ambassador "Buck" Since we are all about the Siberian Husky, did you know that they were one of the original seven breeds of dogs used as a War Dog during World War II? And beautiful "Buck ," while not a War Dog himself, he served as the U.S. War Dog Am bassador journeying thou sands of miles with his handler,