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Remembering Harley: Our Beautiful Alpha Queen on Her 2nd Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

  Two years. It seems incredulous that it could be two years ago today that our beautiful alpha queen "Harley" - our first Siberian Husky and OG of the #FiveSibes pack family - earned her furangel wings.  Harley was, as my daughter put it, one "badass" dog. She was a beauty. She was Siberian Husky through and through. She could win you over with a blue-eyed glance. She was the love of Gibson's life from the moment he came home and she rolled him fluffy tail over head into our backyard pool! Oh, he was smitten. She suddenly found herself "momma" dog when we one day brought home not one, not two, but THREE puppies! She took Wolfie, Chloe, and Bandit under her wing as though they were her very own. Teaching them, correcting them with a nibble to the neck, loving them, snuggling with them, and engaging in crazy Husky play with them and Gibson.    She was an amazing dog. She was my daughter's dog. From the first day she came home as a puppy in our car d