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Newsy Tuesday: Welcome Home, Chloe!

Our sweet Chloe is home from the hospital and is settling in. She is pretty heavily sedated & resting to allow time to heal. Chloe had double Bilateral Cruciate Imbrication as she tore both her CCLs (ACLs), blew both meniscuses. The surgeon said her cruciates were a mess, but he felt the surgery went very well. Chloe is young, just four, and the best guess is she either was born with weakened knees or after a spill, it became weaker and she started relying on her good leg, thereby weakening that one too and it was just a matter of time before they just snapped. When we first arrived home from the hospital, she received such a happy warm "wooo" welcome from our other Sibes! They are very happy to have her back home, although our alpha queen Harley, the Pupsters surrogate momma, has been frantic and very anxious. We can see how she worries about Chloe and just wants to be sure she is okay.  "Wooo!  Chloe is home!"   "We missed you so much!" S