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Woo! It's Our 13th Blogiversary!

  February 23, 2010 - the date that I launched this blog with a post on Pet Dental Health. Now, here I am celebrating 13 years of blogging! Wow! In some ways, it seems incredible that I've been writing this FiveSibes™ blog for that long, and in other ways, it feels like it was only yesterday.  So much has happened over the past baker's dozen of years--from talking about our every day lives to sharing videos of my fab five singing (and Gibson's famous hip-hop dance style!), to the announcement of my books and articles based on and/or inspired by them, their YouTube videos, the launch of my "The Sibe Vibe" show on Dog Works Radio, to our Canine Cooking Corner, to poetry and stories, to being recognized with the Dog Writers Association of America's prestigous Maxwell Medallion for Excellence, to becoming the top-ranked Siberian Husky blog, and so much more! It's all so incredible. My celebratory mood is dulled as they are no longer with me, but their persona