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Happy 🌈 Sweet 16 to My Heart Dog, Gibson: Ambassadog for Canine Epilepsy Awareness

    Gibson was the face that launched a K9 Epilepsy Awareness movement that proved dogs with Canine Epilepsy (Epi-dogs) could~and do~ live full, happy lives no matter how long we are lucky to have them. We can learn so many lessons from our dog, especially Epi-dogs. Gibson, with all his health issues, embraced life like no other dog I knew. He was truly the happiest dog on earth. He had such a zest for life. No matter what challenge he was faced with as a result of his epilepsy, he just loved life.  My Gibson was truly a rock star. His beautiful face starred on national magazine covers, featured in newspaper articles, online blogs, and Ezines. He was the face behind two different dog treats—Gibbie Snacks through House Woof and later after they shuttered their doors, he was the face of Gib Nibs through Sassy’s Goodies, with donations from both benefitting Canine Epilepsy foundations. Gib inspired me to author two books and dozens of articles on Canine Epilepsy, and launch our #LiveGibS