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An Update on Chloe and a Family Thank You!

An Update on Chloe   Chloe is continuing well with her recuperation from her June 6th surgery. To recap, she had to have an emergency double Bilateral Cruciate Imbrication on her hind legs for torn CCLs (ACLs on humans) and torn meniscuses after her attempt to jump up on the bed (which she has done hundreds of times). Best guess is she either was born with weak knee issues and over time the daily wear and tear literally tore her knees up, or she injured one of her knees during one of her play runs and tumbles and then overcompensated for it, thereby damaging the other. Whichever came first, the end result was the same - she apparently did not have healthy knees and she had badly damaged both to the point where she collapsed and could not walk. (For the full story on Chloe, visit our Pawcircle of Healing for Chloe , then Welcome Home, Chloe and For the Love of Chloe posts). Since then, she's been crated 24/7 with an E-collar and for the first week she was carried in and out o